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We of the Sea

Explore • Learn • Make an Impact


Who Are We?

We are scuba divers. We are free divers. We are artists. We are marine conservation advocates and educators. Most of all, we are an international community with a shared goal of preserving our oceans for future generations to enjoy. Join our community, learn with us, and make a difference.


Ocean Ambassadors Program

  • Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?

  • Did you know that corals glow under black lights?

  • Did you know that a creature called a mantis shrimp packs a punch so hard that it can boil water and break your camera lens?

We of the Sea Ocean Ambassadors are teams of mermaid educators and divers who provide exciting and informative presentations at elementary schools, kids camps, and after-school programs.


Dive With A Purpose

We of the Sea has partnered with a network of marine conservation and coral reef monitoring organizations world-wide. If you want to use your diving skills to make a difference in these exciting locations, join our program and get connected to our partners.


Coloring Contests

We of the Sea hosts periodic coloring contests for elementary-school kids to get them excited about our oceans early. Entry is free, and we have some fabulous ocean-themed prizes!

Community Art Gallery

We are excited to offer a place for our community to share their ocean-inspired art with others. Check out our online community gallery, or follow us on social media!


Educational Dive Trips

When you choose to dive with We of the Sea, you are not just going on a fun vacation at exotic tropical dive sites. While we want to show you all of the fantastic local ocean life and unique underwater topography, we will offer you a comprehensive learning experience along with your adventure. Click the button below to learn more.