We are excited to offer a place for our community to share their ocean-inspired art with others! If you would like us to feature your art on our website’s online gallery, please fill out this form to ensure that you get credit for your artwork. We also share art from our community on our social media accounts every Friday! Please look us up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to use our hashtags, #fintasticartfriday and #weoftheseaorg. 

We strive to create a culture of ecologically sustainable interactions with our beloved ocean environment. If your media involves underwater photography and videography with marine life, please adhere to the following guidelines to have your submission be considered for a featured post: 

  • Please don’t touch.

    Physical contact with marine life can be stressful, damaging, and even fatal to delicate marine animals. Photo or video submissions of subjects touching or harassing ocean life will not be considered for submission as we are cultivating a culture of ecologically-sustainable diving.

  • Please practice competent diving.

    Keep your buoyancy skills sharp, and watch those fins as you descend! The tiniest misplaced fin kick can destroy a structure that has taken a coral colony months and even years to build. In addition, situational awareness is key when diving in environments with biting or stinging creatures such as lion fish, scorpion fish, fire corals, and more.

  • Please share what inspires you.

    We want to see what gets you excited about spending time underwater! Feel free to share your story about how you began your journey of underwater exploration with your submission.