Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? Or did you know that corals glow under black lights? Did you know that a creature called a mantis shrimp packs a punch so hard that it can boil water and break your camera lens?

We of the Sea Ocean Ambassadors are teams of mermaid educators and divers who provide exciting and informative presentations at elementary schools, kids camps, and after-school programs. Presentations are chock full of photos, videos, and hands-on objects and gear related to our oceans and diving! We of the Sea covers the following presentation topics and activities:

  • What are scuba diving and free-diving? Presented by a real diver!

  • Interesting ocean and marine life facts. Presented by a real-life mermaid educator who cares deeply about her “fishie” friends!

  • Ideas for hands-on activities that kids can do with friends and family to help preserve our oceans.

  • Ocean-inspired coloring sheets and information packets for kids to take home to remember key points.

  • Question and answer session with our mermaid and diver team, along with a class photo with our Ocean Ambassadors!

We of the Sea will be launching our Ocean Ambassadors tour in Fall 2019. Check back to see if we are coming to a city near you! Are you a teacher, camp counselor, or after-school program organizer that wants us to present to your kids? Shoot us a message and let’s make it happen!